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Sports Bodywork

Treatment customized for your specific sport's optimum performance..

The Deep Work

A culmination of various deep tissue modalities with somatic sensitivity to provide that worked-over and generally smushed feeling. May include skin-rolling and bone-cleaning.

Qi Nei Zang

Taoist Qigong massage for the internal organs. Includes navel reading, abdominal relaxation, visceral manipulation, and toning the Six Healing Sounds. Benefits include emotional balance and improved digestion.

Traditional Thai

Also known as assisted yoga. With palm-walking and bare-foot compression. Please, wear comfortable clothing.

Fire Cupping

Ancient technique to relieve stagnation in the muscles or organs. Often used in combination with Seitai Shiatsu.


House blend of Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi and Swedish massage. The massage to make you melt! Excellent for improving circulation and stress reduction.

Structural Integration

Dr. Ida Rolf’s method of postural alignment and skeletal balance available to the classic Ten Series. This modality involves active client participation.

Sensory Re-Patterning

Slow-Motion: Exploration of limbs through space. Undulations: Engages proprioception to enhance agility Pulsing trepidations and gentle rocking to shake it out! Please, wear comfortable clothing.

Seitai Shitsu

Japanese acupressure to balance the body. Focuses on harmonizing the Qi and clearing the lymph. Please, wear comfortable clothes.

KESS Body Care

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At least one massage per lunar cycle is recommended.